Supporting the NHS frontline in 2023

This year’s Christmas cause addresses the core skills that all healthcare depends on

It’s our Christmas tradition at IC to forgo the extravagant client gifts and instead support causes close to our hearts.

This year we will be donating consultancy time to an award-winning project, born in Manchester, which is making life better for NHS clinicians and patients.

By helping new and experienced clinicians take their consulting skills ‘into a new dimension’, TALC (Teaching and Learning Consulting skills) is reducing workplace stress and improving patient outcomes.

Delivering safer care with less stress

GP and medical educator Dr Avril Danczak, author of the TALC resources, said: “The NHS is providing consultations for more people than ever in these challenging times, so it is even more important to support health workers to improve every interaction with their patients.

“TALC is a new training resource helping any health worker take their consultations with patients to a whole new level.

“The evidence is very clear that these skills make care safer, more accurate, better quality with increased patient and clinician satisfaction.”

IC will be working to make more healthcare professionals aware of how TALC can help them in their everyday work and benefit their patients, too.

More on the project here:

For the many clinicians in our network, check out the TALC TALKS podcast: