IC/PC: Know what your customers will be talking about tomorrow

Thought leadership is an important pillar of content marketing – especially when trying to reach highly influential or specialist audiences.

But the more switched-on your audience is (and therefore more valuable as influencers), the harder it is to craft content that will make them listen.

Our new predictive content tool will help you cut through the noise. We’ve called it IC/PC for short (Intelligent Conversation/Predictive Content). It combines automated internet searches with human expertise to pinpoint and evidence the emerging topics that are of most interest to specific target audiences.

It’s a brilliant planning tool that can help you map your content and marketing year – or just important one-off campaigns – with laser precision.

How to make your thought leadership stand out

To leaders in their field, thought leadership should come naturally. And to an extent that’s true; our global B2B clients in industries such as oil & gas, healthcare, foundry equipment and surveillance technology are certainly not short on ideas and opinions.

But even the most genuine and original thought leaders may need some help to frame their ideas in ways that will instantly resonate with a target audience, or hit a specific nerve. This is often the case when companies want to target global vertical sectors that they know well, but only from their own sector perspective.

The IC/PC tool enables us to find themes and keyword strings that show emerging concepts and buzzwords in a given target sector. We can then build content specifically around these emerging themes – so that it is there when audiences start looking for it.

If this sounds a bit “Back to the Future”, let us reassure you that no costly time travel is involved.

IC/PC – how it works

We’ve teamed up with an expert partner to develop the IC/PC tool, which combines the best automated search tools with the brightest minds in analysis and content. We’ve tested the tool on some of the hardest niche audience challenges we could find. It worked brilliantly and managed to surprise us and our clients too.

We can now offer IC/PC as a customisable off-the-shelf product. Talk to us to find out more.