We are an award-winning team of intelligent, creative people who deliver targeted PR and communications that support business objectives and make a measurable difference.

Why do people like working with us?


Because we have a senior team model. Our consultants work more quickly and effectively – getting it right first time for our clients.


Because we deliver results. We’re full of creative ideas but we only recommend work that will meet your business objectives.


Because we are transparent about pricing, measurement and results. It means no surprises for our clients – and a grown-up working relationship.

Our story

Intelligent Conversation™ is the new name for Judge & Howard. The agency started up in the teeth of a recession (2009) with a simple aim – to build a senior team that would attract high-level briefs and deliver outstanding work.

Thanks to the strong reputations of our brilliant team, the work flowed and we have achieved year-on-year growth and success.

One of our proudest moments was in 2012, when – at just three years old – we won the CIPR Excellence award for the UK’s Outstanding Small Consultancy. More industry awards have followed – including our first international award for communications effectiveness in 2014.

As we have grown, we have stayed true to our ethos of developing and retaining a senior team that gives outstanding service. The result is long-standing client relationships, a thriving business and a great place to work.


Our team (in 140 characters)

  • Dave Beresford
  • Senior Consultant
  • dave@weareic.com

Unashamed creative with a talent for words and ideas. Entered PR from TV and journalism. Too loud on the phone. Travel mad. Loves craft ale.

  • Ruth Devlin
  • Healthcare specialist
  • ruth@weareic.com

Former TV news editor, health specialist, relentless sub editor & wordsmith. Grandmother of one. #onceajournalist

  • Claire Evans
  • Director
  • claire@weareic.com

PR pro with a penchant for creative content and technical writing. Questionable music taste. Scrabble fan. Committed to all things comms.

  • Sam Hall
  • PR Administrator
  • sam@weareic.com

Passionately creative. From pensions to PR. Former beatbox champion and brand owner. Lover of lemons, green tea and David Brent.

  • Lizzie Horridge
  • Senior Consultant
  • lizzie@weareic.com

Journalism graduate turned PR pro. Social media obsessive.  Running enthusiast to counteract addiction to crisps.

  • Libby Howard
  • CEO
  • libby@weareic.com

Results-focused PR professional, former journo. Culture vulture and occasional veg-grower. #makeithappen

  • Kate Jones
  • Director
  • kate@weareic.com

Joined PR scene from regional press. Worked on award-winning consumer, B2B and public sector campaigns. #LovesNumbers as much as words.

  • Diana MacCarthy
  • Director
  • diana@weareic.com

Ex journo. PR pro with passion for 5 star standards. Can’t go a day without social media. Hates overused #s. Likes Google+. Hearts the 80s.

  • Jeni Reid
  • Office Manager
  • jeni@weareic.com

Spreadsheet aficionado and stationery enthusiast. Displaced Southerner. Passionate about cycling, loves caffeine, hates peas.

  • John Rule
  • Senior Consultant
  • john@weareic.com

John is updating his biography. Please check back soon.

  • Sarah Tarmaster
  • Senior Consultant
  • saraht@weareic.com

Charity, consumer and public sector pro #skillsmix. Food blogger. Writes in fountain pen, green ink only. Knits, cycles, loves ships.

  • Fritzi Wemheuer
  • Director
  • fritzi@weareic.com

Engineering background, loves B2B. Digital native but secret hard copy buyer. Still speaks some German.