Clever content can have a big impact

There’s little doubt that the traditional media landscape has been changed beyond recognition by wave upon wave of digital disruption.

That means there are both communications challenges and opportunities as audiences fragment, engage within niche communities and find alternatives to the newspapers, magazines and websites that they once consumed.

In a world awash with distractions, it’s good to know that clever content can have a big impact.

High quality original content

Anyone who keeps pace with the latest changes to the search landscape will be aware of the favouritism that Google is increasingly showing towards high quality original content hosted on a company’s own website.

Google’s latest stance is that companies themselves are authoritative sources of information, particularly when talking about their own goals and achievements.

Having languished temporarily unloved by Google’s algorithm, self-published press releases are now featuring prominently in search rankings.

Engage, influence and inform

The message is loud and clear: organisations who want to be heard above the online chatter should concentrate on quality content powerful enough to engage, influence and inform.

That content needs to be underpinned by the same strategic thinking that informs any creative communications campaign.

The democratisation of the publishing process has put the same techniques used by traditional media outlets within reach – videos, magazines, white papers, data journalism, shareable interactive digital apps providing people with the opportunity to pursue their own angles.

Thought also needs to be given to the appropriate channels for your communications.

Your own channels – website, newsletter and print publications – will be useful in reaching clients who are already engaged with you. Earned and paid-for media will be useful in placing your content within sight of new audiences.

Publishing firepower within easy reach

The kind of publishing firepower once reserved for the world’s mightiest media organisations is now within reach. So what are you going to do with it?